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Air Operated Aircraft Tire Bead Breaker 25,000 Lb Capacity

Model #: 7094-010 (F16 Block 40ís and later only)
Our Bead Breakers are designed and built to meet or exceed the most demanding requirements of ground support wheel shops and to provide low maintenance operation. They will withstand harsh environmental conditions, rugged use and provide many years of long and dependable service. Most of our Bead Breakers are ringless and can support all rotary wing, fighter and cargo aircraft with bias and radial tires. All Bead Breaker Fingers are easily adjusted to the diameter of the wheel assembly.
Product Information
Cage Code 00994
NSN 4910-01-305-7271
Breaking Capacity 25,000 lb 11,340 kg
Air Pressure 90 psi 110 psi
Air Volume 80 scfm 85 scfm
Width Between Spider Assys. (Fully Retracted) 17.12 inches 434 mm
Max. Force (Force Exertion - Full Compression) 25,000 lb 11,340 kg
Net Weight (Est.) 1,425 lb 646 kg
Overall Dimensions(L x W x H) 58 x 30 x 99.5 inches 1,473 x 2,527 x 762 mm

Product Data Sheet:
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