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Portable Utility Crane 750 Lb Capacity

Model #: 9504-010
The Portable Crane is designed to lift 750 pounds at any height. Most of our maintenance cranes can be deployed by one person, manually erected and operated by a single winch. They are designed and built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, rugged use and to provide many years of long and dependable service.
Product Information
Cage Code 00994
Capacity(at a reach of 74 inches) 750 lb 340 kg
Horizontal Reach 70/74/82 inches 1,016/1,880/2,083 mm
Hook Height 162/162/162 inches 4,115/4,115/4,115 mm
Outrigger Extended Radius 72 inches 1,829 mm
No. of Outriggers 4
Ramp Mobility 12
Net Weight (Est.) 590 lb 268 kg

Product Data Sheet:
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